House Rules

Without certain rules the coexistence of several people under one roof is not possible. What applies to the family also applies in a student residence. Here, too, one will only be able to feel comfortable when the inhabitants take care of each other.

I Safety

1. General requirements

  • Our safety aspects are that the front doors, cellar door, and courtyard doors are always to be kept closed. House and courtyard corridors, stairwells, and hallways are emergency exits and are to be kept clear.
  • On the balconies it is not allowed to barbecue grill with wood briquetts. There is an appropriate barbecue grilling area not far from the houses.
  • It is frobidden to store combustible objects, objects that catch on fire quickly or odor causing materials.
  • The tenants have to close the doors and windows when absent from the apartment.

2. Special requirements for fire safety

In order to assist us quickly in case of a fire, our house is equipped with various fire detection devices, Smoke detectors and hand detectors.

For safety reasons and to avoid false alarms, the following must be observed:

  • In all public areas (entrance areas, stairs, corridors and lifts, etc.) smoking and the handling of open fire are prohibited!
  • Misuse of the hand-held detectors and fire extinguishers is prohibited!
  • In the residential units, excessive smoke must be avoided, as this may can lead to the triggering of a false alarm.
  • Cookers and other cooking appliances must be operated only under supervision.
  • Before leaving the room, electrical equipment, including lighting, should be switched off, if possible.
  • All corridors are rescue routes. Rescue routes and emergency exits are always to be left free!

In this context, it is pointed out that fire service missions are liable to pay due to false alarms. Any person who negligently triggers the fire alarm system or censers for other reasons or uses abusive manuals or fire extinguishers shall bear the costs of the use of firearms or the cleaning costs necessary to eliminate the damage in full.

Please note the indications for the fire prevention regulations and please inform yourself immediately after your arrival via the rescue routes and the emergency exits.

II Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene

We undertake everything to prevent a vermin infestation. The participation of all our tenants is necessary to ensure that this does not happen at all. Please note the following:

  • The best protection against vermin is cleanliness and order. Please take care of your behavior for the general standard and cleanliness in the apartment / apartment you are using as well as in the building and on the property.
  • We regularly carry out inspections to determine whether a pest is present. On occasion, insect traps will be set up for us, which are safe for you. These traps must not be removed.
  • The household waste must be properly disposed of in the designated waste containers / garbage cans. The garbage has to be separated according to paper, plastic waste and residual waste. Please also pay attention to the notices.
  • Bulky waste and special waste (including empty batteries) must not be disposed of in the refuse containers and must be disposed of separately according to the respective legal requirements.

III Behavior in the house and on the property

1. General behavioral norms

  • Water leaks and other faults with the water lines should be reported to the Customer service representative or Concierge depament in charge.
  • The balconies are to be kept free of combustible objects, snow, and other objects of exceptional weight.
  • Flower boxes and boards must be securely attached to the balcony or window sill. Residents are responsible to see to it, when watering the plants that the water doesn´t run down the building wall or drip on the windows and balconies of the apartments below.
  • Laundry is to be washed in the laundry room. Laundry is not to be dried in the living quarters. Hanging or lying out laundry on the balcony or in the windows etc. is prohibited.

2. Noise

Every resident is responsible to keep the noise level in apartment, house, and courtyard to a minimum.

Take care of your roommates and avoid harassment by noise. TVs, radios and players may only be operated in room volume. During the following hours, noise is strictly prohibited:

Night rest:                         from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Lunch:                               from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Sundays and holidays:     all day long

During the above times the playing of musical instruments is prohibited. Outside of the mentioned times, no more than 2 hours per day can be played. If neighbors feel bothered by the playing of musical instruments, the making of music must be set immediately.

In order to avoid anger with the neighbors, they should be informed about planned birthday parties or the like. Information.

3. Ventilation

Housing units are to be sufficiently aired out even during the cold season; opening the window for a short but effectual amount of time does this. It is not allowed to aerate the apartments and especially the kitchen in the direction of the stairs.

4. Vehicles

  • It is prohibited to park motorized vehicles in the courtyard, on the walkways, and on the greens. Cars and motorcycles are not to be washed, or repaired, or have its oil changed on the premises.
  • Idle speed is to be maintained when entering and driving in the parking garage.
  • Bicycles are only to be parked in the permitted areas and in the bicycle cellar.

5. Pets

Pets are not allowed.